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About Uplift

Energy is everywhere. Electricity should be too.

At Uplift, we believe that wherever there is sun, people can have power. We know it is not as simple as putting a solar panel outside and waiting for daylight. To turn energy into power, you need power electronics. Not just any power electronics, but the right electronics for the job.

Power electronics should enable – and never limit – your energy or where you use it.

Uplift Inside power electronics make solar panels and batteries more efficient, more intelligent, and easier to install and deploy. Our technology is tuned to precisely fit the energy resource electronically and mechanically, as well as the way it will be installed and used. Factory integration ensures reliability and eliminates operational problems related to installation.


With Uplift Inside, installers and end-use customers find that procuring and integrating extra hardware no longer stands in the way of powering up the energy resource that meets their needs.

Integrated intelligence takes power supply to new horizons.

Solar energy is the future and powers the adventure we call life. That can't be held back by solar power that is stuck in the past. It's time to say goodbye to solar hardware that can't be easily moved, breaks down, and lacks the integrated intelligence that we see in even the most ordinary household appliances.

When solar power and batteries optimize themselves for peak productivity, safety, and extended lifespans . . . where they plug and play with other energy devices and energy management systems with the touch of an app button . . . if they install or affix or are portable with the light weight and simplicity that anyone can understand and do for themselves . . . well, now your power can be anywhere you need it to be.

Uplift enables electricity everywhere and for everyone, wherever their adventure finds them.

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