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The Next Horizon
for Solar and Battery Power

Building-Integrated PV (BIPV)

Any surface that the sun hits could be generating power. But energy-generating innovations will not always be south facing and under open sky. Instead, they will be challenged by partial shading or dappled and low light. They also need intelligence for safety and telemetry, but their integration into a building often leaves no space for today’s bulky power electronics.


With Uplift Inside, BIPV innovations perform better and satisfy the codes and requirements for solarized building materials, with durability and ease of installation. To enhance your BIPV innovation and facilitate project installations, contact us.


Applications: Windows; siding and cladding; patio or driveway pavers; carports and car charging canopies; property walls and fences; atria; balcony rails; water tanks; urban landscape art or advertising features.


Off-Grid Solar

Wherever you go, there you are – and you should be able to take your power with you. When remote or portable power components are more intelligent and multi-functional, that translates to less equipment and less reliance on time-consuming training to put the power system together.


Uplift Inside solar panels include programmable intelligence for seamless plug and play with batteries and energy management systems, eliminating external power electronics while adding negligible weight to the panel. They also communicate to the  user through a mobile app that guides through set up and performance issues. And this intelligence drives the cell-string level optimization that offers the most productivity under partial shade conditions.

Applications: Military; off-grid homes; greenhouses and outbuildings; agritech/agrivoltaics; auqatech/aquavoltaics; campsite power systems; remote field operations power systems; water pumps; portable tools.


Mobile Solar

Electrifying trucks, boats, RVs, cars and other vehicles means more than replacing the combustion engine. All of these forms of transport have auxiliary power needs that can be served by solar. Innovators have created solar panel form factors that are easy to install on vehicles, but the power electronics needed to harvest the electricity are awkward to install and use.


Uplift Inside is a thinnest-in-class and high heat tolerant electronic that can “drop in” to the manufacturing line for peel-and-stick or other flush-mounted solar panels. It eliminates external charge controllers required for batteries and provides user safety features and performance reporting through a mobile app. Uplift’s form factor fits with panels made to fit vehicles, providing a convenient source of electricity without the fuel costs, emissions, and noise.

Examples: Long-haul truck cab loads; delivery truck cooling, lighting, lift gates; boat hotel loads and emergency equipment; RV cooling, lighting, hotel loads; car or taxi cooling, heating; automobile-integrated PV (AIPV).



Optimization of battery cell charging and discharging is key to extending battery life. Uplift Inside offers cell-level charge management that can be applied to a range of battery chemistries and made to fit a variety of battery form factors. For large commercial or industrial battery technologies with complex operations, Uplift Inside can manage the power conversion, the operating system, and automation for remote monitoring and communications with grid operations.

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