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What is Uplift Inside?

“Uplift Inside” is an ultra-thin, reliable, and heat-tolerant power converter. A manufacturer of solar panels can laminate it inside or seal it to the back of a solar panel in a manner that enables flush-mount installations. Battery manufacturers may fit it inside battery casings. In addition to power conversion, Uplift Inside includes intelligence and communications that enhance performance of the panel or battery and add features that improve the end-user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is Uplift different than other power optimization and management options?

2. How does Uplift Inside software manage the power of solar panels?

3. How does Uplift Inside improve the performance of my solar panel?

4. How will Uplift physically integrate with my solar panel?


5. Why is lamination within the module better than on the back or in the junction box?

6. How thin is it? How will it affect the lamination process on the production line

7. Does Uplift get hot inside the panel?


8. Will it be as reliable as my solar panel? Will it compromise my panel’s life span? What happens if it breaks down?

9. How does Uplift Inside benefit installers who buy my panels?

10. What does the Uplift software do for installation, monitoring, remedial action?

11. What features or benefits does Uplift provide for users of my panels?

12. How does Uplift Inside improve the performance of my battery?

13. How does Uplift improve solar system financials? Does that include crypto-currency?


14. How long does it take to get a device that meets my specific product needs?

15. Do I have to re-certify my product if I put Uplift Inside?

16. What will Uplift Inside cost?

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