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The Uplift Pupdate
by Tarawatt


It's Back! Pumpkin Spice Electronics

The missing ingredient

It’s that time of year when we pumpkin spice it up in da’ house. But do humans know that there is no pumpkin in pumpkin spice? That’s right, that magical blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves doesn’t involve a lick of squash. But that’s what’s so great about pumpkin spice season – everyone is so busy with their lattes that there is more pureed pumpkin for moi.

Alert: Nutmeg is toxic to dogs. Beware that three slices of pumpkin pie will take out a small chihuahua. (Not that I am suggesting you take out the chihuahua I know – I mean . . . any chihuahuas that I might know.)

So, what is the spice in our power electronics, you ask? Well, it’s not about the flavors so much about how we mix it up. Uplift’s got your optimization, your DC conversion, your communications protocols of choice, and your mesh network. All that makes the renewable energy production from solar panels and batteries even more palatable. And for those who do not fear adding the allspice to the mix, we can even add GPS chips.

But the way we put it together is what makes our blend so special. We phase the power sources in the smallest increments possible, capturing as much of the burst of energy from each as we can. This allows us to optimize the shape and components for the ideal conversion ratios, the right amount of heat dissipation, and the additional board space needed for the exact electronics the solar panel or battery needs to go “next level.”

Imagine if you could control exactly how your barista streams your coffee, and your frothy milk, and your heat, and each of your pumpkin spices – choosing the precise pumpkin spice latte ratios that tickle your morning tastebuds. More coffee, less milk? You got it! Want more ginger? Turn it up! Allspice too cray-cray for you? Get it outta’ here!

OK, I just got a little overexcited. Because when it comes to pumpkin, I have only one request: More of it, please! And as far as the spice, well, hold the nutmeg.

Pumpkin means fall, but my Uplift folks have a guy and they manage to keep me in the puree all year round. Pumpkin spice – that and the fruitcake are out with the January dieting. But Uplift power electronics? Those are always in season and always in style. Call us and we will hook you up!

Coffee Talk: The pumpkin is not kin and does not pump. Talk amongst yourselves.

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